Poster Session

Attendees of the Canary Foundation Early Detection Symposium mingle at an outdoor poster session.

May 3, 2017

4:30pm – 8:30pm, Woodside

Poster session, wine reception, and Canary Awards will be held in Woodside, CA, following the conference sessions at the Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center. Shuttle bus service will be provided. Parking will be available at Woodside Elementary School, 3195 Woodside Rd, Woodside CA.

Upon registration, attendees are required to indicate whether or not they intend to present a poster. Spaces will be reserved for registered posters only. Submit your poster title upon registration or by email to by April 19.

Poster presentations will be provided with a 48″ width x 36″ height foam poster board, as well as thumbtacks. Please use the Canary logo to recognize Canary Foundation support where appropriate.

The Canary Foundation logo can be downloaded here.

The Canary Center at Stanford logo can be downloaded here.

The following posters will be presented at the event

Download a PDF of the list of posters

#TitlePresenting Author
1Use of a new multiplexing platform for the identification of biomarkers for the early detection of ovarian cancerAmy P.N. Skubitz
2Computational Augmentation for Medical ImagingAndrew Berlin
3Discovery and functional validation of a novel tumor suppressor in lung adenocarcinomaCrystal Marconett
4Measuring Metabolites in Small Clinically Relevant but Heterogenous Human Tissue: The Overlooked Problem of NormalizationDean Troyer
5Canary Prostate Program InfographicDon Listwin
6Canary Ovarian Program InfographicDon Listwin
7Synergistic Inhibition of Glioma Cell Proliferation by Withaferin A and Tumor Treating FieldsEdwin Chang
8Common molecular signatures in COPD and lung cancer indicate shared biologyErin A Marshall
9Epigenome-wide analysis of DNA methylation in lung tissue shows concordance with blood studies and identifies tobacco smoke-inducible enhancersIte Laird-Offringa
10The Role of Surveillance Biopsy with No Cancer as a Prognostic Marker for Reclassification: Results from the Canary Prostate Active Surveillance StudyJames Kearns
11The Use of Five-Alpha Reductase Inhibitors and their Association with Reclassification and Pathologic Outcomes in the Canary Prostate Active Surveillance Study James Kearns
12Plasma RNAs as Possible Biomarkers of Pre-malignant Pancreatic CystsJennifer Permuth
13Comparison of a Commercial 17-Gene Expression Assay with Canary Histologic Pattern Analysis and Gleason Score in 218 Active Surveillance CandidatesJesse McKenney
14The evolution of pancreatic cancer: From precursors to metastasesJohannes Reiter
15Genetic selection of ELF3 leads to oncogenic reprogramming in lung adenocarcinomaKatey Enfield
16Novel single-chain antibody-targeted microbubbles for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma ultrasound molecular imagingLotfi Abou-Elkacem
17PSAk: Refined analysis of prostate specific antigen kinetics to predict prostate cancer active surveillance outcomesLisa Newcomb
18Role of Notch1 in Early Stratification of Aggressive Prostate CancerMeghan Rice
19Direct Selection of RNA Aptamers for Fluorescence EnhancementMichael Gotrik
20Nanoparticle mediated ultrasound-guided dual therapeutic gene delivery in living animals for enhanced cancer gene therapy and imagingRammohan Devulapally
21Microscopy with UV Surface Excitation (MUSE): You need it, you want it….Richard Levenson
22Improving early cancer detection in endoscopy through biomedical opticsSarah Bohndiek
23Shedding new light on the tumour microenvironmentSarah Bohndiek
24Ovarian cancer screening and worry: Do false-positive test results affect the rate of pBSO in women at high-risk of developing ovarian cancer?Sarah Hawley
25A gene signature distinguishing invasive vs non-invasive early stage lung adenocarcinomaSeungyeul Yoo
26Effect of System spatial resolution in Dynamic PETShiva Abbaszadeh
27uPAR targeted fluorescence imaging in the second near-infrared window (NIR-II) for image-guided surgery in brain and breast tumorsSorel Kurbegovic
28Development of a Novel Ring-Illuminating Raman Device for Imaging Colonic LesionsStephan Rogalla
29Speckle-Free and Large Gold Nanorod Enhanced Optical Coherence Tomography for Brain Tumor Margin DetectionDerek Yecies, Orly Liba, Elliott D. SoRelle
30Superparamagnetic Immunoassay for Selective Detection of Cancer BiomarkersYuri Markushin
31 Exosome Total Isolation Chip (ExoTIC) Device for Identification of New Lung Cancer BiomarkersFei Liu
32Applications of Quantum Annealing to Lung Cancer DetectionAndrew Ward
33Defining new biomarkers for prostate cancerEn-Chi Hsu
34A Modeling-Based Analysis of Cancer Biomarkers for Diagnostic Screening and ImagingSharon Hori
35Vitamin D supplementation decreases serum 27-hydroxycholesterol and expression of CYP27A1 in tumors of breast cancer patientsChristine Yeh
36Analysis of blood plasma suggests tumor re-seeding may be facilitated by wound creation during radiotherapy treatment of breast cancer patientsCatherine Going
37The PASS Risk Calculator: An interactive tool to help guide biopsy decisions for men on active surveillance for prostate cancerMarshall Brown
38Binding Kinetics of Cancer Cells on Plasmonic SensorsFaith Inci
39Monitoring and Detection of Cancer at the Point-of-care (POC)Hakan Inan
40Levitating Cells for Biomarker-Free Sorting of Rare Circulating Tumor Cells and Cell Clusters from Whole BloodKaushik Sridhar, Gozde Durmus
41Flow induces epithelial-mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in dynamic bioengineered lung cancer microenvironmentVigneshwaran Mani
42dCas9 for minor allele enrichment in cell-free DNAAmin Aalipour
43The Adar1 protein regulates tumor immunogenicity and RNA abundances in lung adenocarcinomaMichael Sharpnack
44An Intravascular Magnetic Wire for High-Throughput in vivo Enrichment of Rare Circulating Cancer BiomarkersOphir Vermesh
45Molecular Imaging of Colorectal Cancer with Surface-Enhanced Raman EndoscopyRyan Miller Davis
46Analysis of spatially segmented hypoxic regions in multiplexed lung cancer image dataHunter Boyce
47Artificial MicroRNAs as Novel Secreted Reporters for Cell Monitoring in Living SubjectsHui-Yen Chuang
48Comprehensive molecular profiling of single circulating tumor cells from lung cancer patientsSeung-min Park
49Bronchoalveolar Lavage Genomics for Lung Cancer Detection and ProfilingViswam S Nair
50Molecular imaging of ovarian and lung cancer using an anti-mesothelin nanobodyAndrew Prantner
51Aberrant glycoprotein expression in recurrent and nonrecurrent prostate cancer tissueSarah Totten
52Mathematical Model of Cancer Heterogeneity & Biomarker Shedding KineticsGautam Machiraju
53Gold nanoprism enhanced optical coherence tomography of melanoma tumor angiography and lymphangiography in vivoPeng Si
54Identification of novel prognostic markers of glioblastoma using computational strategies on four genomic datasetsHaruka Itakura

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